We’ve set out a few rules of the road to help Roadsalt keep in shape out there. You might be a content creator, journalist,  photographer or graphic designer – and we hope this helps you out.

  1. Image style
  2. Image library
  3. Typography
  4. Logo files
  5. Logo usage
  6. Colour palette
  7. Press releases

Photographic image style

Roadsalt is a recovery bath product that aims to sooth muscles and purge toxins picked up after an intense spells running or cycling on modern roads.

The bath is opaque black, has a pungent and intense aroma and requires rinsing from the bath. It’s not a beauty or cosmetic product. It is intended to provide a simple natural remedy after extreme exhersions. It’s a hardcore bath after hardcore activity.

We currently employ 2 key image styles. The Road and The Recovery


The Road

It is the hardcore activity that Roadsalt’s first image style intends to capture. Defining characteristics of the style include:

  1. Black and white or, on exception very low colour saturation.

  2.  A strong contrast to emphasise the harsh environment

  3. Grain – enough to evoke the grit of the runner / road without losing richness to black expanses.

These should be achieved on camera as much as possible rather than filters.


To accentuate urban environments ( and to juxtapose curving / diminishing roads) hard geometry, rectilinear shapes can be sought when composing. This could use signage, traffic, bike parts, architecture or other hard lines. Stark geometric choices, aiming for a third of solid space / plains. 


We’ve developed a few themes to aid process.

Shadows –

A rider’s sillhouette can be a fascination or distraction on the road – always a companion and good to capture.



Reflections –

Roadsalt in itself is a dark pool – if available, puddles/other can be used to obscure lines, show architecture immediately on expanses of road surfaces. These fluid shapes are often slashed by neighbouring kerb stones.


Intersections –

Consider intersecting lines, junctions and the crossings of tracks on roads.