Bath mastery

The original black bath. Black?! Fear not – you’ve got this. 


Remove the inner sachet(s) of activated charcoal and bentonite clay and set aside. Start running your bath, once you’ve covered the bottom with water, add the amount of salt as per the instructions on the packet. This in itself is a wonderful magnesium rich bath with organic cajuput, clove and black pepper oils. Easy!


Next, open the inner sachet. Squidge the paste into the bath and swirl to dissipate the paste. You can then carefully run water from the tap into the empty sachet or submerge it under the water to include the full dose. Extra tip! You can do the whole of this step once you are IN the bath and many love to!  The more you dissipate the paste, the less to rinse away later.


Enjoy your soak – it’s doing great things!


Now for the rinse! The secret here is simply a little more swirling. If you keep the bentonite and charcoal particles moving whilst you drain the bath, they are less likely to settle at the bottom of the bath and require a second rinse. You’ll know this if you bath after going to the beach!  Finally, there maybe a little charcoal on the sides of the bath these can be easily wiped away.

User tips


Do you have any suggestions tips or tricks? 

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Ollie says…

“After a couple of baths I discovered a trick – the cleaner your bath is to start with the easier it rinses away! A little charcoal can stick to any existing tidemarks/grease (ahem!). Ironically my bath has got cleaner after using Roadsalt!”

Evie says…

“Jump in before opening the black sachet, it’s way more fun squirting our the charcoal when you’re in there”

Tom says…

“I bought a black towel in case it stained! I’ve since seen it doesn’t stain but like using the black towel as part of the ritual – a branding opportunity for Roadsalt?!”